Tax Planning with Catherine Tindall

Share Post : Business with Beers 0:00 INTRO Welcome to the Business with Beers Podcast. This is the place where we help entrepreneurs turn their business income into passive income. I’m your host Brian Beers, an entrepreneur on a mission to inspire growth from everyone around me. I’m going to show you how to create […]

Advanced Tax Reduction

Share Post : Automations You Can Implement in Your Business Today with Catherine Tindall A great discussion about the Employee Retention Credit and other ways to save on tax with Jaime Jay at Live with Bottleneck.They also talk about implementing automations in your business that can help improve workflow and fast forward your processes resulting […]

Advanced Tax Reduction Strategies

Share Post : Advanced Tax Reduction w/ Catherine Tindall Joe and Catherine talk about what got her in the industry and the obstacles she faced during her journey in building the company, Dominion Enterprise Services. They discussed possible changes that might affect real estate investors, strategies and tips for those starting out on real estate […]