Tax Consulting Services in USA

Learn how our services benefit other tax professionals.

                 Dominion Enterprise Services is a fully licensed CPA firm and third-party provider of tax credit processing for other CPA firms. Our proprietary technological applications allow us to process claims quickly and consistently (turnaround time within a feew weeks), while the oversight provided by our CPAs ensures accuracy and attentiveness to interactions with the client’s overall tax situation.

Easily acquire the necessary expertise to start processing ERCs

                   Partnering with us allows you to add ERC processing to your practice without having to use precious capacity, hire additional staff, or self-educate on a complex, one-time credit. It also protects your clients from the many unscrupulous tax credit “specialty” shops that are processing hundreds of millions of dollars of credits without the requisite expertise.

                    We assemble a full audit package backed by a complementary representation in case of audit so there is no surprise for your client or the potential for you to get involved in a claim filed by our firm.

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