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Learn how our services benefit other tax professionals.

Dominion Enterprise Services is a fully licensed CPA firm and third-party provider of tax credit processing for other CPA firms. Our proprietary technological applications allow us to process claims quickly and consistently (turnaround time within a feew weeks), while the oversight provided by our CPAs ensures accuracy and attentiveness to interactions with the client’s overall tax situation.

Acquire the expertise to deal with ERC

Partnering with us allows you to add ERC processing to your practice without having to use precious capacity, hire additional staff, or self-educate on a complex, one-time credit. It also protects your clients from the many unscrupulous tax credit “specialty” shops that are processing hundreds of millions of dollars of credits without the requisite expertise or caution. As a CPA firm, we stand behind our credit work and our focus is holistic as often organizations who do qualify for the ERC have other factors that make filing unwise. Our goal is always to consider the whole taxpayer situation with a filing to make sure it aligns with their general goals and risks involved with participating in this highly scrutinized program.

Is Your Client’s ERC Already Filed? Worried about IRS Enforcement? Avoid Unexpected IRS Claw Backs with our ERC Health Check Service.

Because IRS enforcement has lagged until now, many business owners are unaware that they will face claw backs, interest, and penalties on credits filed improperly by third parties. Given the IRS OPR announcement on this subject, the tax profession is expected to pick up the slack from third party providers and perform due diligence on ERC claims before submitting required amended income tax returns triggered by an ERC filing. This puts a huge burden on tax professionals as many are uncomfortable with the program and were not involved in the original filings. 

Our ERC Health Check relieves this burden by putting our expertise at the service of your clients. We can quickly verify whether claims have been correctly filed and substantiated allowing errors to be rectified before an IRS enforcement situation arises. 

ERC IRS Resolution

For cases that have already been selected by IRS enforcement, we offer resolution services to correctly calculate, substantiate, and as needed refile improperly claimed credits. We have a focus on locating governmental orders and recalculate claims for the accuracy of common complications such as PPP exclusions and participation in other governmental aid during the ERC eligibility window.

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